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WWII Expert Class Editions
Allied and Axis Aircraft Models
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All models furnished with stand and propellers.

Expert Class Prices Unpainted Painted
Single Engine Models $65.00 $125.00
Small Twin Engine Models $70.00 $150.00
Large Twin Engine Models $75.00 $175.00
Four Engine Models $95.00 $210.00

Bf 109E-4 (left-finished model, right-details of cast model)

Bf109E-4.jpg (35396 bytes) BF109gray.jpg (21444 bytes)

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Allied Aircraft

Axis Aircraft


Great Britain
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Dear Collector,

Collector's Airmodel Company has built its reputation by supplying high-quality collectibles and custom-made aircraft models to discriminating collectors and aviation museums throughout the world.  Starting with our replicas of the original U.S. government-funded World War II ID recognition models, we have added our Famous Seaplane and Flying Boat and Racer series and, more recently, our popular World War II Air Battle Collection.  Now, after years of research and development, it is our great pleasure to introduce the Expert Class Collection, an exciting new line of precision-quality, American-made World War II airplane models.

Working with a respected research consulting firm whose president is an avid hobbyist and collector, we have devised new techniques to craft highly detailed and realistic replicas of World War II airplanes in 1:72 scale.  All of the models are depicted as if the planes are in flight, hence their cockpits are closed whenever appropriate and retractable wheels are always in the "up" position.  All models come with propellers and are offered in two forms.  Customers may purchase artists-painted and detailed models in representative schemes selected by us, or they may buy unpainted models and finish them any way they choose.  Attractive display stands are also available to mount our models.  In addition, we offer a custom-made service for customer-selected paint schemes and special "add-on" features such as bombs, torpedoes, rockets, etc.

What makes our Expert Class Collection so unusual?  The key factor is the research and the craftsmanship we have put into the line.  In each case, a "master" version of the plane is prepared, with great attention to distinctive features such as cockpit frames, wing flaps, gas ports, hatches, and other structural featured,  Wherever possible, these have been inscribed or accentuated to render them clearly visible.  Once a master is completed and approved by experts, a mold is made from which individual models are cast.  These castings are completed by the addition of guns, antennae, and other "external" items to produce an authentic looking replica.  Best of all, because our models are made of solid resin, they are for more durable than kit-made replicas.  This means that a customer who decides to make alterations to a painted plane or wishes to repaint one entirely in a new motif can do so with judicious application of paint remover and sandpaper.  Just try that on one of the kit-makes or a ready-made wooden model!

A final note:  We have chosen the 1:72 scale rather than a larger size to accommodate customers who do not have enough space to display the numerous models they might wish to buy.  Even so, a single-engine fighter plane such as the P-51D Mustang has a wingspan of six inches; a twin-engine bomber like a Heinkel He 111 has a span of 12-13 inches; and a four-engine bomber of the Lancaster's girth spans over 18 inches.

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