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About Collector's Airmodel Company
Collector's Airmodel Company is a small group of highly qualified, expert modelers who create replica aircraft for passionate aviation enthusiasts.

Though started in 1991, Classic Aircraft Model's roots go back to World War Two. Back then, American soldiers were given small wooden airplanes to aid them in identifying the myriad of aircraft fighting in the skies. Though often carved by Boys Scouts, these were not toys, but life or death recognition aids.

Not many of these "Recognition Models" exist. However, one of the most intact collections is owned by Classic Aircraft Model's President, Dick Miller. Back in 1991, Miller decided to preserve these amazing relics of history by creating resin cast- models of them and supplying them to museums such as the Smithsonian and National Air and Space museum. 

In the rush of war, the original injection-molded recognition models (made from nitro-cellulose plastic) resulted in interesting historical artifacts, but were not exact scale models.  These original plastic ID recognition models were used to make the molds for our classic ID recognition replicas.

Today, Collector's Airmodel Company makes airplanes of all sizes, shapes and colors with the intent of providing the discerning collector with pieces of history, as accurately as humanly possible.


Browse the website, look at our products and when you're ready to own the definitive small-scale replica, understand that "Accuracy is in the Details."

Thank you for stopping by.


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