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Custom Models - Aircraft of Museum Quality

Invest a few moments and call us toll-free at 1-800-289-3167 to discuss a custom aircraft replica that meets your own particular detail specifications.  Custom models are priced based on YOUR spec and we want to get it right!



We offer our experience to create custom model aircraft of museum quality. We offer our models in various degrees of detail in accordance to the client's request. Options on detailing include such items as closed or detailed cockpits. Extended or retracted landing gears. Special markings and colors. We also offer nose art if desired. We specialize in military single and multi-engine aircraft of the countries throughout the world. These models exhibit accessories and armament upon request. With our extended aviation library, proper research is accomplished to assure excellence and accuracy. We do encourage the client to furnish photographs, notes and other information on the aircraft to be replicated. In order to visualize the size of your model in various scales, use the wingspan of the actual aircraft and divide it by the scale selected (1/72 / 1/48 / 1/28, etc.) then multiply the result by 12 to develop the wingspan of the aircraft model desired. We welcome calls to Classic Aircraft Collections, Ltd. to discuss your project and outline all the variables that you desire in your model.



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