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1. Are CAC models expensive?
Well, they're not toys and yes, some customized airplanes can go over $1,000.
However, most CAC models can be purchased for between $90 to $325.

2. What airplanes do you model?
Better to ask, which ones DON'T we model, and that one is the Aurora top-secret airplane rumored to be in service with the United States Air force. But we can assure you that once we get good, reliable information on it, we'll make it available.

3. Can I get a custom-made model?
Certainly. In fact, it's our specialty. Nose art, markings, colorations...you name it. Of course, the process is rather involved because we'll want to get it just right. But if you can articulate it, we can probably do it.

4. Are CAC models like the wooden ones I see in national magazines and expensive
specialty stores?

NO! Our models are made of resin and/or plastic. There is simply no way we can reproduce the intricate details and textures with wood. In addition, our models are made one-by-one, by hand.

5. How long does it take to get my model?
Depending upon the airplane, 2-12 weeks. Of course, the custom-models are more towards the 12 week deadline. On particularly popular airplanes, we may have a few "blanks" ready to be hand detailed at a moment's notice.

6. How do I pay for my CAC model?
Credit Cards are accepted as are checks. However, you'll understand why we don't begin construction until the order is paid for. Use our Acrobat order form for convenience.

7. Is there a guarantee on the airplane?
Of course. If you don't like it, you don't pay for it. Custom-models carry a few more strings, but we still stand by the basic workmanship of the airplane.

8. How do they arrive?
Our packing is legendary. Shipped UPS and cradled in little bits of soft foam, your airplane is shipped insured and secured.

9. Do you have brochures to view?
Certainly. Just check us out on the Contact Us portion of our web site and write, email, fax or call us at 800-289-3167.

10. Ok, what is "resin?"
Resin is a sweeter name for epoxy-polymer. It's a two-part formulation that hardens like steel but retains plastic's durability. In a pinch, we'll construct an airplane from a plastic kit (but we often modify it heavily), but 90% of the time, we're able to construct precise molds for resin.

11. Can I have a tiger-striped B-17 with jet engines affixed under the wings?
Certainly...but...why would you...never mind. We'll do it.

12. You guys must be getting rich.
Nope. We just love airplanes, like you. When you have a passion for something, it's hard not to share it. If we could give these away, we would. However, our modelers are certainly worth their wage.


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